OBYC ClubhouseGood Evening Bears!

What a busy week it’s been! We’re going to run through a few things to brief everyone on what’s to come, so lets begin.

First off, lets all give a special shout-out to the team, council, and everyone who has taken the time to help see this project grow, and become a success. We appreciate each and every one of you. We have something incredible here and look forward to growing with everyone.

With that being said, we’re getting close to what will essentially be the start of our storyline, airdrop, and roadmap execution. This also includes irl events and marketing campaigns. What we are structuring is going to be big, so please have patience because it’s a ton of work. But, we cannot wait to release everything and show everyone what the future holds for OBYC Labs.

There have been questions lately, as well as multiple new members joining, so we will reiterate. Okay Bears Yacht Club will ALWAYS be considered our OG Collection. No matter what, OG holders will always be rewarded the most. What we are structuring, is being done appropriately to ensure OBYC is always the backbone to our Ecosystem. Without OBYC, there is no storyline. So plan accordingly when shopping.

What to expect soon:

Every holder that is holding a Bear from our OBYC Collection WILL receive one free airdrop. 1 Bear, 1 airdrop. 50 Bears, 50 airdrops. It’s that simple. We will NOT be minting them, nor will you need to claim. You will NOT have to connect your wallet for this process, so please DO NOT fall for any DM scams claiming otherwise. We will make proper announcements to ensure everyone is aware first. Stay tuned for this.

If you hold a Bear that is flagged as stolen and reported on OpenSea, please create a ticket in our Discord and speak with a team member directly to ensure you receive an airdrop.

Lastly, we’re going to drop the next step in our storyline. Every Yacht Club needs a Clubhouse, right? We’ll be announcing soon when the Clubhouse is open. Once open, everyone is welcome. From there, we will begin the boarding process of Bearendipity for our trip. Get hyped, things are getting real.