The First Mutants and Machines are now revealed.

REFRESH the Metadata!!!



So, bears. We’ve officially launched Mutants vs. Machines.

That’s right. Let me say that again. We have officially launched Mutants vs. Machines.

That felt good to get out.

We are going through the revealed art and fine tuning it in the Lab if necessary. If you notice something odd, it may be left over remnants from the toxic salmon or nanobots. Simply create a ticket and let us know if you see anything weird.

We wanted to provide a quick update post launch. Transformations are rolling in. We’ve been providing technical support in Discord. We are seeing some recurring issues with loading times and some holders not being able to transform their bears because of it. Please be patient and let the bears load up once you connect your wallet.

We are actively continuing to fine tune and optimize to cut down on some of the reported bugs.

As of this writing, there have been about 120 transformed bears. The Transformation Path split is looking pretty even.

It’ll be interesting to see it continue to play out.

Thank you again for bearing with us.