OBYC Hazmat DivisionThe time has come where we introduce what our team has been working on behind the scenes. Please take note of everything so that there is no confusion.

UPDATE 9/20/22: OBYC Hazmat Division Collection is Live and Airdrop is Complete

Rather than doing a basic airdrop with an instant reveal for our mutant collection, we have decided to integrate a full on user experience with our eco-system and the growth around it. OBYC Labs has officially created a sub-division called OBYC Hazmat Division. This will be an official collection listed on OpenSea in-which holders will be able to purchase and sell items that will essentially alter their OBYC Bears into a mutated form. Once our dashboard is live, holders will be able to choose one of their bears, consume an item they own, which will then generate into a mutated version of your bear (trait matched). Once the item is used, it will then be burned. It can only be used once.

The process will start with our Item 1 airdrop to holders. You will not have to claim this, or connect your wallet to ANYTHING so please DO NOT fall for any DM scams.

We will be doing a holder snapshot at some point within the next 72hrs to register which wallets are holding bears to receive their airdrop.

If you have active listings and someone purchases your bear before we take our snapshot, you will not get your airdrop, they will. So please keep that in mind if you have bears listed for sale.

🧪 Lab Item 1
We will be airdropping 7,777 of Item 1 to our holders. If you own an OBYC Bear, you will get an airdropped Lab Item. To reiterate, you will receive one free airdrop per bear you own. 50 bears means 50 items airdropped. You can then use that Lab Item to mutate your OBYC bear. This will burn the Lab Item and give you a trait matched mutant bear. You original OBYC bear remains unharmed. (Lab Item 1 + OG bear = mutant. Once this stage is complete, we will then begin preparing for our Lab Item 2 Mint, an opportunity for further mutation.

🧪 Lab Item 2
This will consist of a Holders Mint AND a Public Mint from our website www.obyclabs.com. Holders will be given a 24hr window in-which they’re able to mint Item 2 for .1 ETH with a max of 10 mints per transaction. Item 2 mutations will still be trait matched, but will consist of an even cooler version of your bear mutated. There will only ever be 2,213 L2 Items on the blockchain so please keep that in mind (Only 2,213 Bears will be able to consume Item 2). Our mint will be at a first come first serve basis. If we do not make it to public mint, then so be it. Our public mint will be open after 24 hours, and will consist of a .15 ETH public mint price.

🧪 Lab Item 3
These consist of 10 – L3 items that convert to rare 1/1 mutated bears. Plan on these being CRAZY. After our Item 2 mint out, we will be hosting a public auction with a low starting bid for our L3 Items. All 10 will be auctioned off individually and ALL proceeds earned from our auction will be donated to a charity that our community votes on via snapshot.org. After our auction is complete, they will be available for buying and selling on OpenSea.

Please keep in mind that this is an item collection, not our official 2nd collection. All royalties generated from OpenSea will go back into our multisig wallet which will continue to help grow our brand as a whole.

We will release more information about our official 2nd Collection after our airdrop, so hang tight. There’s more to the story. 🤭