As part of our initiative to expand our community and celebrate the many joyous occasions on our calendar, we’ve created this collection of OBYC HonorBeary Bears to house all 1/1s uniquely-crafted by the OBYC Labs team. This will be an ever-expanding set of bears for giveaways, rewards, and airdrops. This will be separate but complementary to our genesis OBYC and Mutants vs. Machines collections. All HonorBeary Bears are one-of-a-kind, so if you win one, make sure to keep them safe. There will be more opportunities to win HonorBeary Bears.

Here are the first winners of the Mutant and Machines Santa Paws Bears from the 2022 OBYC DecemBEAR GROWL-iday season giveaway! Thank you to everyone that participated!

@SteveK and @Ogcitrusgirl

Please create a ticket in our Discord and send us your wallet address to claim your bears. 🙂