Partnership Announcement: LedgerWe’re excited to announce that OBYC has proudly picked the leader in hardware wallets, Ledger, for a direct partnership. We believe strongly in safety, security, and educating our holders, which is why we also wanted to ensure you received the most reputable brands in the industry. Ledger provides the best quality customer service, as well as products, and considered the leader in this space. This is why we have decided to partner with them and help bring the community a great opportunity. Every purchase made through our direct link will also generate a 10% royalty percentage back to the OBYC Community Wallet. Our direct link is below, and will also be in Official Partnerships.

OBYC Ledger

It’s important to note that as our partnership grows with Ledger, we will also be able to unlock more features and opportunities in the future.

To kick off this partnership we are going to GIVEAWAY one Ledger Nano X.

There are 7,777 total Bears in our Collection. Our goal is to delist as many as possible in preparation for what’s to come for OBYC.🧸 For our Giveaway, we will be doing a random drawing of a number between 1-7,777. In order for you to qualify, your Bear must be delisted. If your Bear is listed, you do NOT qualify.

Winner will be announced on the Fourth of July at 9pm Eastern Time. We will announce the Bear # and you will need to provide proof upon winning.