Official Partnerships

OBYC Labs is is continuously looking for ways to partner with those that want to help propel the community and the space to new levels. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at

OBYC Partner Ledger

We’re excited to announce that OBYC has proudly picked the leader in hardware wallets, Ledger, for a direct partnership. We believe strongly in safety, security, and educating our holders, which is why we also wanted to ensure you received the most reputable brands in the industry. Ledger provides the best quality customer service, as well as products, and considered the leader in this space. This is why we have decided to partner with them and help bring the community a great opportunity. Every purchase made through our direct link below will also generate a 10% royalty percentage back to the Community Wallet.

OBYC Partner My Physical NFT

We love supporting growing businesses, especially in the Web3 space. With that being said, we are proud to announce that we have picked up another partnership. My Physical NFT is a great brand that allows you to bring your favorite digital asset to life. With high quality printing and design, this allows you to show off your NFT through a sleek acrylic display. Through our direct link, holders will have access to all template options and sizes, while also honoring a discounted partnership price long-term.

OBYC Partner Web3Wear

We’re proud to announce that we have partnered with Web3Wear (W3W) to provide the opportunity for our holders to purchase some amazing items, allowing you to directly implement your favorite OBYC Labs NFTs onto merchandise. From clothing, to printed canvases, they will be offering our holders an exclusive 20% off discount on all merchandise as well as earning a royalty percentage back into our Community Wallet from each sale. You’ll be able to find more information and what they have to offer directly on the website below.

Rareboy NFT Wallpapers

Rareboy creates innovative NFT marketplace-compatible tools that are thoughtfully designed to cater specifically to a variety of NFT collections. Creative tools for the NFT community. Each feature is seamlessly integrated into OpenSea’s collection and asset pages. The tools are safe, free to use, and do not require any wallet interaction. Support for OBYC Labs’ future collections will be implemented into the Rareboy Chrome extension in the future. For now, feel free to generate a wallpaper of your OBYC bear. 

OBYC Partner Everrise EverRevoke

We’ve partnered with EverRise’s EverRevoke tool as the preferred method for revoking token approvals to help you take control over the access external protocols have to your wallet. Review and revoke active token approvals across five blockchains from one place. Token approvals are required to participate in DeFi but they create a vulnerability by allowing outside access to your wallet. The more time spent in the space, the more permissions build up – often with tokens that have not been held for weeks or months.  EverRise believes in empowering people and their choices through decentralization. Their suite of dApps make Web3 development faster, more accessible, and more secure.

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