OpenRarity Official Rarity RankingUnfortunately we have to be the bear of bad news on this one, but after reaching out to Trait Sniper and OpenRarity, we are forced to stick to their system and the “new standard” for rarity tracking. Trait Sniper will be following the same rarity system that OpenSea is using, so we will be doing the same. The new rarity will be identified appropriately on OpenSea.

We apologize sincerely, but unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about it. We ask that everyone please keep an open mind to this because regardless, we consider all bears incredible and unique.

Moving forward, all future collections of ours will continue using OpenRarity as an official rarity tracker. You can learn more about OpenRarity here: and on their official site:

Thank you all for your patience as our yacht club continues to sail the open sea. You can expect more soon.