To be clear for everyone, and eliminate any confusion, we wanted to address a few things.

Our first deployment and airdrop that Holders received is no longer valid. Unfortunately there was a bug in the contract that caused image placement on certain items to appear differently. This resulted in your Nanobot L1 item to accidentally display as a Toxic Salmon Barrel.

Because of how complex and innovative our contract is, we were forced to have to redeploy with a new contract, and a new airdrop. Your old items you’re welcome to send to a burn address, or simply hide them in your wallet. We have already reached out to OpenSea to have the old collection removed and to clear up the visual glitch. You can view the airdrop in your wallet on LooksRare or via etherscan.

Everyone has received their new airdrop, and we are currently live for minting L2 items. You can find the link to the appropriate Hazmat collection below, across our official links in discord and on our site. If anyone has any further questions, please reach out to the team or a moderator via Discord.

PLEASE DO NOT fall for any DM scams, our team will NEVER DM you regarding this matter. Please create a ticket  in our Discord if you need assistance.

Official OBYC Hazmat Collection:

Thank you all for bearing with us. Hazmat Division Correct