We’re beary thrilled to announce that the OBYC native marketplace is finally up and running!

Using the marketplace not only supports the ecosystem, it also earns you rewards and creates sustainability for the community and project.

Here are some of the benefits and incentives of using the OBYC marketplace:

🌟 Enforced royalties on native listings, which supports the project. It’s paw-some to know that you’re making a difference!
🏆 Rewards for top royalty contributors. Let’s see who can out-bear the competition!
🍯 New gamification features (more on that later). Get your paws ready for some fun!
🐾 A user-friendly platform that can onboard non-web3 savvy users. We want everyone to be able to join the bear party!
💳 The ability to buy with credit cards or pay with ETH.
🤲 Aggregates other marketplace listings like Blur, Opensea, so there really is no reason to not use it. You’ll notice a FEATURED tag an bears listed natively.

We’ve partnered with Origin Protocol (https://www.originprotocol.com/), and are in good company with some amazing NFT collections, to create a community-driven marketplace that controls the royalties narrative.

And that’s not all! Together with Origin, we’ll be releasing feature updates that will make the leaderboard even more interactive and incentivize community behavior that supports the project.

Thanks for being part of the OBYC community, and let’s keep creating amazing things together! Bear hugs to all of you! 🤗🐻

Visit the OBYC Marketplace at https://marketplace.obyclabs.com/