OBYC Brand Ambassador: De’Anthony ThomasWe hope everyone is having a blessed week so far! We have a few different things to brief so let’s get started!

First, we are proud to announce that we have officially onboarded De’Anthony Thomas as a Brand Ambassador for OBYC Labs and Okay Bears Yacht Club. In the future, he will be helping assist with Networking, Brand Awareness, and representing OBYC in a positive way. De’Anthony has built a respectable reputation for his athleticism in the NFL as well as representing Oregon and giving back to their community. We look forward to having his same energy here, and representing OBYC in an impactful way.

To celebrate, we’ll be doing our 2nd Giveaway for a free My Physical NFT Display. This one is for Instagram. To enter, you must first follow @okaybearsyc.eth, and then create an Instagram story welcoming De’Anthony to the OBYC Group while also tagging our account and his ( datblackmomba13 ). One lucky winner with the best story will be picked in 48 hours. All 5 winners will be announced at once after all 5 giveaways are finished so please hang tight.

Let’s Keep Building!