I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here in the US, we were celebrating Thanksgiving, so it was a time to spend with loved ones and friends. I wanted to provide some clarity and a quick update.

We are launching transformations. That is a fact. We have a plan and will follow it.

We’ve always shied away from giving hard dates until ready because it sets these expectations in peoples mind. And any deviation of that hard date leads to disappointment.

But we are close. Dev and code wise, we’ve been ready for a long time. Art wise, we are just a few mutant traits away from completion. Turns out that making two full 167 trait collections as one takes a little longer than anticipated. As soon as we have those last done, we can put a hard date on it.

It’s taking longer than I personally expected, but its coming. No one wants to launch this more than I do. It’s been consuming my life since May. So believe me when I say that I want to release this for all of us to embrace.

It will be another major milestone in our development as a community.

The goal has always been to release an announcement once all of the art was ready. Official updates are coming with a lot of what has been being worked on. Hint: it’s more than only a new collection.

Once we have the final art pieces done, we will have an official announcement. That will detail the process for transformations, the date, etc. Expect an early December launch. Then the fun begins for the Clubhouse!

Here are some randomized mutant sneak peeks!