Bears! Mutants vs. Machines are upon us!

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for the continued support throughout this journey. This is a major moment in the OBYC timeline and we are thankful to you for helping us get to this point. Now on to why you are all here…

Transformation Date:
L1 Transformations will begin on Thursday, December 22, 2022 8:00 PM EST on our official site. There will be a page where you can choose which OG OBYC Bears to consume either L1 Toxic Salmons or L1 Nanobots. Remember, whichever path you choose is irreversible, so choose wisely.

The official site is:, and a direct link to the Transformation page will be announced on Thursday across our socials, on #announcements, and via #official-links in Discord.

There is no rush to transform your bears. The window will remain open indefinitely until all bears and all L1 items have been consumed.

We will not have a surprise mint. We will not DM you about this. Please be careful and only use official links.

Reveal & Technical Process:
Please keep in mind this is a rigorous process for the team on the back-end but we would like to share with you in a very simplistic way how this will happen.

In order to make this as optimized as possible we chose the ERC721A standard which minimizes and optimizes gas fees. Going with the ERC721A versus ERC721 Standard allows Mutants vs. Machines to be minted by TokenID and NOT by DNA. Meaning that if OBYC Bear number #7777 transforms first then that will make it Token ID number #1 on the MvM contract instead of it keeping its OG number # 7,777.

Metadata will stay the same for each transformed bear but we will append two new traits as follows (example for Machines):

"trait_type": "Transformation Path",
"value": "Machine"
"trait_type": "Transformation Level",
"value": "Level 1"

When transformations begin, there will be a place holder image in place for each new transformed bear. As MvM tokens are minted the team will update metadata and art to reflect the minted token. We’re expecting it to be less than 24 hours per transformation. There will be rolling transformations being processed in the backend. You will need to refresh metadata on the marketplaces, but we will actively post when batch updates are pushed.

L2 and L3 Transformations:
L2 transformations will begin in JanuBEARy. We are giving the L1 transformations some time to make sure everything runs smoothly before continuing on to the next level. We will have a dedicated announcement for that when the time comes. L3 Lab Item auctions will begin once all of the L2 Lab Items are minted out. There is a limited supply of L2 Lab Items (2,213) – so plan accordingly. You can mint L2 Lab Items here:


  • Transformations begin on Thursday, December 22, 2022 8:00 PM EST
  • Use only official links.
  •  Beware of scammers, fake collections, and impersonators.
  •  L1 Transformations first.
  •  L2 Transformations begin in 2023 after all processes behind the L1 Transformations are optimized.
  •  L3 Lab Item auctions in 2023 after L2 Lab Items mint out.

This is only the start to all of the bear goodness we have up our sleeves for 2023 and beyond. Us bears build together!