OBYC Hazmat Division L2 Lab Items MintBears!  L2 Lab Item mint is upon us. 🧪

As we finish the final testing before the L2 mint, we wanted to take a second to update everyone with the details on to expect.

First and foremost, we will be starting our L2 mint process on Sunday, September 25 at 3pm EST for holders. You will be able to go on to our minting site and choose which L2 item you would like to mint. Toxic Salmon Barrel or Nanobot Stage 2.

Please keep in mind that there are only 2,213 available total: 1,107 Toxic Salmon Barrels (Mutants) and 1,106 Nanobot Stage 2 (Machines).

Lastly, we have decided that the first 1000 L2 mints will be a holders round, and at a .05 ETH mint price. After we reach 1000 mints, we will go into a public mint with a .1 ETH mint price. Once we completely mint out, we will begin preparing for our L3 auction.


  • L2 mint date/time is September 25 at 3pm EST
  • First 1000 Holders mint price .05 ETH
  • Public mint price .1 ETH after first 1000
  • 10 items per tx, no limit per wallet
  • You can chose which L2 Lab Item to mint
  • L3 Auction after L2 mint out

Further information on transformations and consumption of Lab Items will be announced post mint