It’s GO time!

Transformations Lab is live:

The Lab:
Transforming is very simple. You can only transform 1 bear at a time.

1. Select your bear.
2. Select the Lab Item to consume.
3. Pay gas to approve MvM contract to spend your lab items (~0.00073 ETH at 16 GWEI).
4. Pay gas to Mint & Burn Lab Item (~0.005 at 16 GWEI).
5. “Minting Successful” message will appear.
6. Check your wallet and OpenSea for the newly minted NFT.

OpenSea Collection Link:

Check if a bear has been transformed:

Bear with us:

Reveals will begin within 24 hours or less.

Use desktop for best experience.

There are always minor technical unprecedented nuances but, needless to say, we will keep you all informed through the process. We will continue to monitor and optimize.

Holders who have many bears may have additional wait times for their bears to load. We recommend transferring OBYC Bears and Lab Items to a transformation wallet, perform the transformation, and then transfer OBYC & MvM back to the cold wallet.

Remember to only use official links. Beware of scammers, fake collections, and impersonators.

No traits left behind! Thank you for sharing this moment with us.