M2 Mutants vs. Machines OBYC LabsBears! Hope you have a minute. Let’s talk about the fact that there’s “more to the story.”

We’re proud to announce that our next Collection will be named Mutants vs Machines. That’s right – its more than just Mutants!

Holders will be able to decide which path they want their bears to take and BOTH will be integrated into our storyline. Whether you transform your bear into a mutant, or a machine, it will still be trait matched.

You will receive one L1 item for each bear that you hold at the time of the snapshot. These items will be airdropped to you. When you receive your L1 item(s), you will either receive a Toxic Salmon, or a Nanobot Stage 1. You will know which item(s) you have been given after they reveal. Which of these items you receive will be completely random to keep things fair. If you use a Toxic Salmon on your bear, it will become a mutant. If you use a Nanobot Stage 1 on your bear, it will become a machine. If you receive a Toxic Salmon, but would prefer a Nanobot or vice versa, you will be able to buy/sell these L1 items on the secondary market.

Continuing the story:

After all L1 items are airdropped, we will begin preparing for our L2 mint process. For L2, holders will have the ability to manually choose which item they want to mint. Either a L2 Toxic Salmon or a Nanobot Stage 2. If one mints out before the other, we will continue until both L2 items are completely minted out.

Please keep in mind, once your bear has started it’s process, it cannot change. If you use a L1 Toxic Salmon, you must use an L2 Toxic Salmon. You cannot become a mutant and then change to a machine.

After L2 mint is completed, we will begin our auctions for our 10 1/1 L3 items. These will be called ‘Bio-infused Honey’. These will be completely random when revealed, so you will not know whether you will receive a Mutant or Machine until they are revealed.

The breakdown for the Collection goes as follows: (10,000 Total)

  • 3,889 L1 Mutants
  • 3,888 L1 Machines
  • 1,107 L2 Mutants
  • 1,106 L2 Machines
  • 5 L3 Mutants
  • 5 L3 Machines

We will begin our snapshot process within the next few hours. Once everything is finalized, we will begin our airdrop process. Please stay tuned for more announcements.

Get Ready Bears.
Boarding soon.