Before Christmas, we launched the Mutants vs. Machines transformation process. We got some REALLY dope looking ones – from mutant albinos to machine halos! If you’ve made the transformations, make sure to show them off in our MVM Showoff channel in Discord and on Twitter too!

Now you might be asking “What’s the use of my OG OBYC bear?”

We’ve seen some community members sell their OGs because the transformation utility has been used up. So we’re here to clarify a few things.

1. The OG bears will always be our priority in this ecosystem. Transformation utility is both a literal and a symbolic meaning of change, but we never forget our genesis. We continue building from the core of our project, and it all starts from the OG bears.
2. Even if you transform and you sell your L1 transformed bear, as long as you’re holding your OG OBYC, you can still transform it into L2 or L3. You don’t need the L1 token, just the OG and the lab items.
3. It’s the start of 2023, we’re not going anywhere. This is one stage of many, many more to come.

1000 Transformations!

As a community, we have have now transformed over 1000 bears into Mutants and Machines! REMINDER: Refresh Your Page, not your metadata. You won’t have to refresh metadata, we will take care of that. Simply refresh your page!

The team will continue pushing as hard as we can, but we need your help to pass the word along.

Thank you all for the consistent support and trust. Let’s take 2023 out for a spin!