OBYC Metaverse Land VoteThe time has come where us Bears enter the metaverse, and our community gets to choose!

We have decided to officially introduce our snapshot voting system where holders will have the ability to connect their wallets, and submit their vote. You are allowed 1 vote for every OBYC bear you own.

In accordance with being a community driven project, holders will be allowed to vote on which metaverse we enter first. The choices go as followed: Otherside Deed, Decentraland, or Sandbox.

Please use the link below to submit your vote. After we have a winner, the Bear Council will select 3 different plots of land from that metaverse for holders to choose exactly WHICH plot of land OBYC Labs owns.

VOTE LINK: https://snapshot.org/#/okaybearsyc.eth/proposal/0x81fddfbdc27edaf7180b279c25bb0d27e5f4c4346421ba7603f1ca27b59f7767

Cutoff for voting will end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday.

Happy Voting Bears 🧸