OBYC Bear Council RecruitingThis week we will be looking to onboard additional members to our Council! As we continue to move forward, our goal is to also continue building a great ecosystem and structure for our community. Starting today, we will be opening up council recruiting in the Discord for anyone in the community to post an application. In the application feel free to tell everyone about yourself as well as your background and why you feel you would be a good candidate to join the council. Don’t be shy, everyone is welcome to participate.

On Thursday at 6pm EST, the Community will begin voting for their top 2 favorite candidates. Any ties will go into an additional voting round. Once we have our two final recruits, we will begin the process of onboarding them on to the council.

Moving forward, the team is still finalizing backend structure for the project and the roadmap. This will include a revamped website 2.0 as well as some other goodies. With that being said, security is a huge thing right now in Web3 so what we will reiterate is the fact that our community will not need to connect their wallet to claim Our next drop. Expect an announcement followed by a safe and secure airdrop to your wallet.. do NOT engage with any DM claiming we are minting. Nobody from our Team and Council will ever DM you directly.

Stay Safe.