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L1 Transformations are LIVE!

Read more here: https://obyclabs.com/news.

L2 Lab Item Mint

L2 mints are underway for holders. Choose which L2 item you would like to mint. Toxic Salmon Barrel or Nanobot Stage 2. Read the full announcement here.

The Collections

OBYC Logo Bear Head
OBYC Hazmat Division
M2 Mutants vs Machines OBYC Logo

We are bored, but we are okay.

Okay Bears Yacht Club Logo

Okay Bears Yacht Club by OBYC Labs is a collection of 7,777 NFTS across the Ethereum Blockchain, generated from over 167 hand-drawn traits, inspired by two iconic NFT collections: Bored Ape Yacht Club and Okay Bears, making us a unique collection. Every member gets full IP rights while your bear also acts as a digital collectible, and a membership card. Led by a collection of members chosen by the community, serving as the Core Team, Moderators, and Council. We plan to bring innovation, utility, and benefits to our holders. We are bored, but we are okay. Bear-ish.

OBYC DeAnthony Thomas

OBYC Hazmat Division.

 The OBYC Hazmat Division consists of 10,000 Lab Items with 7,777 L1  Lab Items being airdropped to all Okay Bear Yacht Club Bears. Choose your path wisely with L2 Lab Items mint. The official snapshot was taken on 9/19/2022 at 9:19 PM EST. Instructions to follow….

OBYC Hazmat Division

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The OBYC Lore

The Okay Bears Yacht Club universe begins at a very special place. Grab a bear and embark on the journey as we board the Bearendipity.

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Captain’s (B)Log

Stay up to date on all things OBYC. We post all official news, updates, and announcements across our social media accounts as well.